Members of the CCI group are involved in a number of different education and outreach activities.

Faculty and Student Teams (FaST) Program

The FaST program is a collaboration between the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). It places teams of one faculty member and 2-3 undergraduate students in paid internships with scientists or engineers on projects related to the Berkeley Lab's research programs. Faculty member make a three-summer commitment and students may participate for one or two summers.

The CCI group has been very fortunate to host a FaST team from Langston University, lead by Professor Byron Quinn, for the last three years. Students in 2010 were: ShaRhonda Pickett, Yasmeen Shumate, and Justin Williams. Students in 2009 were: Marshall Bailey, and Alexandra Conkleton. Students in 2008 were: Kamille Kelly, Jamie Wright, and Karole Blythe. The students have worked on a broad range of projects, mentored by Nigel Moriarty, Jeff Headd, and Nicholas Sauter. Topics have included new geometric restraints for heme molecules, modelling enzymes for biofuels production, and analysis of diffraction datasets.

If you are interested in participating in the FaST program at LBL please visit the Center for Science and Engineering Education FaST web site.

Undergraduate and Highschool Interns

Educating young scientists in the technique of X-ray crystallography and methods development is of great importance for our future. In the CCI group we have hosted several undergraduate and occassionally highschool students over the years. Past alumni include: Alex Birch, Arel Cordero, Eli Drazen, Morgan Jackson, Nathan Kane, and Buddy Wong. If you are interested in an intern position (usually over the summer), please visit the Center for Science and Engineering Education Undergraduate and Faculty and High School pages. You can also contact Paul Adams to inquire about other internship opportunities.

Phenix Workshops

The Phenix team holds a developers meeting every six months (in the spring and fall). As part of these meetings a local day-long user workshop is usually organized. Users learn about the theory behind Phenix from lectures and how to use Phenix in tutorial sessions. If you are interested in attending one of these meetings keep an eye out for announcements on the crystallographic newsgroups (in particular the Phenix Maling List).

The Phenix team has also been invited to give Phenix-focsed workshops are several research institutions. Past locations have included: University of Houston (Texas), Rockefeller University (New York), the Pasteur Institute (Paris), IGBMC (Strasbourg), ETH (Zurich), University of Madras (Chennai), University of Toronto (Canada), Utrecht University (Netherlands), Institute Laue Langevin (Grenoble), Mexico City (Mexico), and Harvard Medical School (Boston). If you are interested in hosting a Phenix workshop please contact Paul Adams.

Crystallographic Worshops and Schools

Members of the CCI group routinely participate in crystallographic workshops and schools, nationally and internationally. For researchers wishing to learn more about the theory and practice of crystallography in the US we can highly recommend the Cold Spring Harbor X-ray Methods in Structural Biology course, and the Brookhaven RapiData course. In other parts of the world, the M2M course held at EMBL-Hamburg, meetings at Erice (Sicily), courses at Synchrotrons, and the CCP4 Study weekend are all highly recommended.

UC Berkeley Classes

As a Professor in the UC Berkeley Department of Bioengineering, Paul Adams teaches a semester course in advanced crystallography (BioE 290D, usually provided in the fall). The course is focused on the theory behind the different stages of structure solution and practical guidance in solving structure using X-ray and neutron crystallography. If you are a graduate student, or postdoctoral fellow, at UC Berkeley you can take the class (for credit or audit). If you are in the Berkeley area you can usually audit the class (subject to instructor approval).

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